Iris Cepero


Iris Cepero    


I was born in Cuba and now live in London.  I have been an active journalist and has published a large number of articles in general and academic publications in Europe, the USA and Latin America since 1993.   For two years I deputised at the Centre for the Development of Visual Arts (a centre for contemporary art) and taught History of the Cuban Culture at the Faculty of Communications, University of Havana.   For five years I worked as a political analyst for the Cuban Foreign Ministry and served as third secretary of the Cuban Embassy in New Delhi, India.  

Relocated in Spain in 2004 and into London later on, I have worked for publishing houses and global corporations. Currently I am the Editor of Safety Management, the British Safety Council's monthly magazine as well as Communications Manager for the British Safety Council. 

In mid of 2013, I started working as representative of authors agency UK, a representation and communication Agency, representing  writers, painters, musicians, sculptors, etc.

You can see my CV here